Business Units

Quantum Communications

Photonic Entanglement

Quantum Cybersecurity

Quantum Business Units


Quantum MOBILE Phones

Public Safety Quantum DATALINK

Quantum Credit Card Industry

Quantum Worldwide Credit Card & Payment Secure Network, “Quantum Secure Authentication” (“QSA”). Hacker-Proof Quantum Network, Ultra Secure & RealTime Networks & Systems

Quantum e-Commerce

Worldwide e-Commerce, Transaction & Payment Secure Network, “Quantum Secure Authentication” (“QSA”), Hacker-Proof Quantum Network, RealTime Systems

Quantum Global TRADE LINK

Worldwide TRADE Link, Transaction & Payment Secure Network, “Quantum Secure Authentication” (“QSA”), Hacker-Proof Network, COMEX Quantum Currency


Quantum Unbreakable Bank Intranet Transference Systems, Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) to generate keys for security applications and cryptologic operations, such as authentication, digital signatures, and secure access control


Quantum Digital Bank - Proprietary Quantum Blockchain, Quantumt Interbank Transference System, Hacker-Proof Quantum Network

Quantum Cryptocurrency

New Quantum Digital Money & Quantum Payment Solutions, Hacker-Proof Quantum Blockchain, UltraSecure & Real Time Transaction Systems

Quantum SmartCITY

"Q-IoT" Quantum Internet of Thinks


Quantum Casino & Gambling

Quantum Worldwide Gambling, Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) which produces truly random numbers that are unpredictable and cannot be reproduced.

Quantum Gaming Network

Worldwide RealTime Gaming, Virtual Quantum Blockchain, Video Games, Miniature Wargaming, Role-playing Games, Virtual Reality, etc.

Quantum BIOTECH & Chemistry

Drugs & PHARMA Industry, Microbiology & BioTechnology LABs, New Materials Discovery, New Proteins & BioFoods, Bioremediation Products

Quantum Smart House

e-Vehicles & Quantum Networks

ENERGY Quantum Smart GRID

Quantum AVIATION Networks

Aviation Data, Network & Communication Systems, Real Time & Omnipresent DataLink, Autonomous and Unmanned Aircrafts, Hacker-Proof Solutions

Quantum Maritime & Naval Link

Maritime Market - Autonomous Surface Ships, Quantum Networks & Reliable Communications Solutions, RealTime DATALINK - Naval Control

Smart Mobility Quantum Systems

Digital Governance, Gov.Applications, iGovernance, Election & Voting Solutions, Ultra Secure & Real Time Governance Networks & Systems.

Quantum Medicine & Healthcare

Quantum INDUSTRY 4.0

Quantum DEFENSE Capabilities

Quantum CyberDefense

"Multi-Domain" Quantum DATALINK

"AirPower" - Quantum DATALINK